Throwback Thursday

 Throwback Thursday

This picture was taken in 1993, when I was a mere 7 years old. It was our family’s very first trip to Continental Europe. My parents decided, in the days before no frills airlines, to road trip to Soll, in the Austrian Tirol. It was a 3 day endeavor. The first leg was the journey down from Stirling, Scotland to Dover, a full day of driving in itself. We spent the night in the small, port town and explored a little on those famous white cliffs. The next day, we caught the hovercraft over to Calais in France and spent the next two days driving through scenic Europe until we reached our destination. We spent a fun filled week exploring the small town near the Austrian alps, which included a visit to Salzburg, exploring a glacier and going rafting for the first time. Looking back, I never appreciated the lengths my parents went to give us memories like that…I only hope I can do just as well with my own daughter!


Every girl is a princess

Every girl is a princess

Erin’s two year portrait, taken at Cambuskenneth Abbey in Stirling, Scotland. The now ruined Augustinian monastery dates back to the 12th century, and was at one time one of the most important Abbeys in Scotland. James III of Scotland and Princess Margaret of Denmark are buried there. We loved having the chance to get Erin’s pictures in this beautiful setting and letting her run around to her heart’s content. Even though Erin is only 2, she is half Scottish and we take every opportunity to introduce her to her country’s heritage. She loves to explore and was very fascinated with “the tower!” pictured behind her.

Pictures taken by ThisPaperShip, 2013. Do not use without permission.