Inchmahome Priory – April 2016

I am just back from a quick solo trip across the pond.  It was a very short trip to check in on family with various health concerns, but still an amazing visit. I never forget how blessed I am. I certainly missed my little family while I was gone, and was certainly glad to be reunited after 10 days away!

While I was in Scotland, my family (parents, siblings, niece and nephew) was able to squeeze in a visit to the 13th century Inchmahome Priory on an island in the Lake of Menteith.  It was established in the 1200s by Augustinian cannons and is now beautifully preserved on the idyllic lake and can only be reached via boat.  I really wish my little girl was able to visit it with us, as I certainly remember a visit out there when I was about her age – it was fun to go back and see it as an adult and actually learn about the history of the priory instead of running around in the woods! It was fun to see my niece and nephew enjoy it though, I certainly have to try and plan a visit back!