Castles with my husband

The advantage of being married to a fellow nerd is that when we go back to Scotland, I can drag him to historical places and he loves it. One of our favourite things to do as a couple in Scotland (or anywhere else, really) is take in as many castles as we can. Now…please forgive the husband’s star trek/star wars t-shirts that he refuses to retire and seems to be wearing in almost every photo we are in. And for several of these we took plenty of photos, but none with both of us in it! Here are some of our most loved castle visits

Blackness Castle

In this photo it’s about 5pm and already pitch black. The staff let us in for free since we hardly had any daylight left,but it was fun – it’s shaped like a boat! I used to run around in this castle as a kid and I remember the day my family stumbled upon it by accident when we were out for a drive, so I’m glad hubby could see it too….now we just have to go back when it’s not freezing! *also, husband had travelled with me to Scotland, at Christmas time without a winter coat. Don’t ask me why….so he’s borrowing my father’s ancient jacket, just want to throw that out there

Linlithgow Palace
This shot certainly doesnt take in the beauty of this castle. It’s not too far from my parent’s home in Stirling, so we visit it regularly when we are home. linlithgow

Glamis Castle:
You can’t come to this castle and not think of Macbeth by Shakespeare. This was taken in 2009, on our first visit home as a married couple. I had never been before so it was a fun day trip for all of us.

Stirling Castle:
The castle from my hometown. I have been to this castle many times in my life, but I enjoyed this visit here the most – it was taken a few days before our wedding at Doune Castle in 2007. This was my husband’s first visit to Scotland so it was great to finally show him the sights in the town where I grew up.

The Belvedere, Vienna
I know this doesn’t technically count as a castle…per say, but it is a beautiful historic residence that we stumbled upon in Vienna, Austria during our honeymoon.

There are certainly more I can write about, and I will leave those to future posts. Hopefully I can make it back to all of these places and take some better quality photos…that’s as good an excuse as any, isn’t it?


Dreaming of Summer

Here are some more pictures of our time in Scotland and Erin’s 2 year photoshoot with our dear friends ThisPaperShip!  Also pictured is our adorable neice, Millie Grace, who was the intended purpose of our summer trip.  Erin loves her new little cousin very much, and it gave us such joy to see her interacting with Millie. We are very blessed to have such a great relationship with our family – not many families can understand how we all stay so close being so far away but again, that is just another bonus of the third culture lifestyle.


Now that we are back in Dallas, we are full steam ahead again in our respective day jobs.  I love Autumn so much and can’t wait until it arrives and the Holiday season can inch its way closer to us! I do miss all the activities that the summer here brings us, even though we are certainly keeping busy with Erin and work.  We have some fun things on the calendar coming up, and plenty of projects in our house to get underway, so we never find ourselves without something to do.

Our summer trip was so much fun. We got take Erin to Inverness, and we spent some time exploring Castle Urqhart and Loch Ness. Erin was very fascinated with the trebuchet, and her daddy happily explained it to her.
castle urquart






Here are some other snapshots taken at King’s Park in Stirling and Callendar House in Falkirk. King’s Park is a right of passage for all Stirling kids 🙂



And finally, some more of Princess Erin









Now back to the reality of work and our busy weekly schedule. Roll on Autumn and the Holidays!!