A Day Out At New Lanark

New Lanark is a World Heritage site on the River Clyde, about 40 miles South east of Glasgow.  We were lucky enough to visit this place as a family this past summer – I had visited several times growing up as it is a popular destination for school field trips, but certainly appreciated it more this time around.  Founded in 1786, New Lanark is a preserved example of attempted Utopian society and planned settlements.  As a village based the around cotton mills, it became synonymous with welfare, social reform and the burgeoning Industrial Revolution of the 18th century in Great Britain.  The Mills operated commercially until the 1960s, but remain preserved to this day, along with the village and local community.  My husband was happy to get the opportunity to get pictures he could use for his history classes, and we had fun traipsing around the historic village in spite of the rain!


New Lanark on the banks of the River Clyde



Some examples of the machinery used



The cotton mills and housing


Robert Owen’s house


Clay and Erin outside Robert Owens’ house


**I had planned to post about this when we actually *visited* last August….but I’m running about 6 months behind 🙂