Doune Castle wedding recap

May 31, 2007 May 31, 2007

Living in Dallas, we get lots of questions about our Scottish wedding back in 2007.  I confess that I tend to downplay the fact that we got married in a castle, not because I don’t like our venue, but in TX it tends to imply a lifestyle that we simply do not have.  In Scotland, a castle wedding is no big deal, since there are so many to choose from!  Seriously, no-one back home blinks an eye if you mention you were married in a Castle.   I had to convince Clay that it was in actual fact, a very affordable choice.  We picked Doune Castle for several reasons.  It was a castle that my family often visited throughout my childhood, and since my church in Stirling meet in a rented facility, I didn’t have a church venue that would really work.  And of course, there is that movie….Monty Python and the Holy Grail (have you heard of it?? ;0) that was partly filmed there, so it pretty much sealed the deal for Clay. 

Our day was beyond perfect.  Even though it had rained all week, and even the morning of our wedding, by the appointed hour (2pm) it was glorious sunshine.  Granted, it was a little chilly (heh), but it’s Scotland, so when is it not a tad cold??  We were fortunate enough to have many of our American family there to celebrate with us, so that made it extra special. 

The room we got married in was the Great Hall.  We thought about using a smaller room, the Lord’s Hall which was furnished, but we went with the old stone room since it could hold more people and worked with what we had envisioned. 

Now, back in 2007, the ruffled wedding dress look was definately in – and I still love my dress to this day, even if it would never be in fashion now.  I also think I was one of the last people to have the Bridesmaids were all matching dresses (the past two weddings I’ve been in did not do that). Bridal Portrait[ The men in the wedding party wore kilts of course, in the Black Watch tartan which is beautiful (my family wear the Gordon tartan but this one of the details I let Clay be in charge of). 


Lord's Hall daddy and daughter


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